We hear so much about global warming,and somewhere we do see the link it has with air pollution. But again, do we really? For if we saw it, we would have done something about it. To begin with, climate change happens due to variations in climate on a global scale due to a combination of both natural and man-made actions. While the natural reasons don’t cause much harm, it is the man-made part that is a cause of concern of late. With thousands of new vehicles hitting the road every day and newer buildings getting constructed, we should be really worried. But that’s just being grim. Let us try to ponder over the connection and reflect on the way ahead to a cleaner Earth. So clearly both climate change and air pollution stem from the exact same problem- Our energy model. While particulate matters, and increased SO2, NO and NO2 emission contaminates the environment, the CO2 and CO emissions lead to global warming. With more than 65% of our total energy coming from coal-based plants, and newer factory establishments being setup every month, the pollution is definitely on the rise and so is global warming. We have already started seeing warning signs like the rise in sea levels, eroding of beaches,andan unprecedented rise in temperature globally.Added to this is the fact that CO2 emissions take years and sometimes decades to leave our ecosystem. However, while the problem is linked together, so are their solutions. To manage air pollution and bring down global warming all we have to do is explore more sustainable and eco-friendly energy model. But this is the bigger picture. How can we contribute? Simple. Being energy efficient, cleaner fuels and efficient vehicles would curb pollution and as a result, pollute the environment less. Join the fight against air pollution and global warming by keeping a check on the pollution levels and helping the concerned pollution controlling authorities’ access to your pollution-related data. It may seem like a small bit of information to you, but put together, it will give the exact picture of pollution levels during every part of the day. Click here to know more about our air quality device and also check our other blogs and articles on air pollution. Buy your Air Quality monitoring device now on .