Smog is really bad; for us, for our family, animals, plants and for the entire city. In my previous blog, we did go through its cause and its ill-effects to our health. (Haven’t read those already? Follow this link). This thing needs to be stopped and immediately. But we all know how pollution control works right? So yeah, we can’t do it all at once. But we can sure try to minimize and reduce it to a more manageable level.  Almost every metropolitan city is suffering from photochemical smog and the number of casualties due to its drastic increase over the years has also been rising considerably. It is not about winters alone; we need to worry about smog even during summers. Since wearing a respiratory mask all day long is not really a practical long-term solution, we present to you some tips that can help us minimize the intensity of smog in our city.

Invest in Renewable Sources of Energy

Emissions from plants that use fossil fuel to generate powerare one of the major contributors of air pollution and in turn smog. Replacing them with sustainable and green fuels would help us reduce the emissions that aid in the production of ground-level ozone.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Conserving Energy

Conserve energy wherever you can. Using energy efficient appliances can help you conserve less power.Having an efficient and well-thought-ofenergy management system will help you reduce smog-causing emissions like that of sulfur and nitrogen to a great extent. Also, the more power you consume, the more it would be produced,and the greater would be the emissions. It is a never-ending vicious circle.

Use a reliable API-based smog detection system

Why API based, can’t a normal one do, you may ask. Yeah sure, a normal smog detector can help you as an early warning system and prevent you from getting exposed. But that’s about it. You can do nothing else with that data. If you can somehow share it with relevant agencies and policymakers that can utilize this to plan and enforce policies and plans to curb the smog levels in the city, you are doing your part for the society.

Reduce Vehicular emissions

Vehicular emissions and construction dust are major contributors of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulates and thus needs to be taken rather seriously. Cutting down on vehicles running on diesel and petrol would help curb a major chunk of urban pollution. If you can’t do without a vehicle, how about using a cleaner variant like the CNG? Plan your errands efficiently so that you use your vehicle judiciously. Walk whenever you can or use a cycle. This way you can also get your daily dose of exercise. Carpool whenever you can or use public transport. Get your vehicle checked regularly for exhaust emissions and maintain it properly.

Use Eco-friendly Household Products and Cleaning Agents

You would already know that a majority of cleaning agents and household products release high levels of VOCs into the air. This should be avoided. Use a natural cleaning agent or an eco-friendly alternative instead. Check if the solvents, sprays, paints, plastics and cleaning agents that you use are environment-friendly and non-toxic. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. While we are way past the initial prevention phase and smog has already become rampant across cities, we can atleast think about minimizing it. We have to start thinking about curbing it and bringing down the level of smog if we care about our Earth. We may just be a speck on this earth,but together we are all that matters to create a difference. Check our blog page for more updates on air pollution. Follow this link to know more about our air quality monitor and to preorder. Also available on