Air pollution has been a hot topic for debate for over a decade now. Well, that literally means we have been talking about it for more than 10years, but for what? I live in one of the most heavily polluted cities of India. Yeah, Delhi, the capital and I have been a mute spectator of all these debates. I see a steady increase in vehicular traffic in spite of having one of the finest networks of metro railways. Every year people talk, and then they drive away in their super luxury cars back and then it’s all forgotten. We all think we have been a part of an environmental cause and then we get back to our mundane lives. Every year the population index shows a more ghastly figure and we mothers buy all possible masks and scarves for our little ones. Every year population increases, illegal industrial units keep increasing, vehicles increase,and we get together to talk!The government measures are not helping either. Places with high levels of pollutants have been passed off as having “satisfactory” air quality. How do we rely on such data? But after more than a decade of talking about it how ready are we to combat this air pollution? I wasn’t sure a few years back. But today the mother in me is looking for answers. I need the means to protect my kid and have seen many other mothers facing the same predicament. So I come back to my initial question: Are we ready to combat pollution now? Combat, not really but with the advent of technology, luckily we can monitor and ensure it is safe for our family!

So here are some things you can do to keep your family safe

Invest in a good air purifier. Look out for portable and compact devices that you can carry around. Go Green. Plant a lot of trees around your home and if you live in an apartment buy yourself some indoor air purifier plants. Join the Cause. Look around,and you would find a lot of businesses that have taken special interest in this cause and are doing their bit for the society. Support them. It might mean nothing now, but remember, tiny drops maketh an ocean. Be that tiny drop. Dust out your cycle and start riding it for a change. Say no to firecrackers. Your planet and your family’s health must definitely mean more than a day’s celebration right? Teach your kids that there are better ways to enjoy than polluting the environment around us. Contemplate this every time you pollute your environment: This is what your future generations would inherit from you. A polluted, toxic and dirty planet. Would you want that? Buy your Air Quality monitoring device now on .