Recently announced as the top 50 most disruptive companies in India, Ambee was ranked at 19 by Yourstory for the year 2019, we have gone out to release our air quality APIs with the world
Ambee is an environmental intelligence platform looking to improve the lives of not just hundreds of millions of people who are affected due to poor environment but also improve the conditions of the planet itself.
At Ambee, we gather, aggregate, measure (using our on-ground Air and weather sensor network), data about various aspects of the environment that comprises of Air, water, Soil, Climate.  We derive actionable insights, visualizations, solutions, and services to help businesses, governments and consumers solve the problem that affects the health of all of us and also of our planet today.

In the process, we have released near-real-time air quality and weather APIs and opened it up for developers, businesses, governments, startups, and researchers to build problem-solving solutions, increase user/customer engagement, make policies, create differentiation and lot more in the process.

Why use Ambee APIs?

After having lived the problem, as we explained at Techstars demo-day, air quality changes at the beginning of a street to completely different air quality at the end of the same treat. It’s very hyperlocal, it affects us differently during different seasons and 14 out of 16 world’s most polluted cities are in India, 8 out of 10 fatal diseases including diabetes, breast cancer, lung cancer can be attributed to air pollution. There is more than $5 Trillion dollar loss worldwide to economies of scale because of air pollution according to the world bank. We started aggregating air quality data from all the existing sources including the CPCB air monitoring stations to data from earth observatory satellites with over 5+ years of data for 90+ countries. Thus becoming the largest repository of data from which we started drawing insights, correlations with many socio-economic factors. We then took a full year to research and developed algorithms alongside trained the ML models with this data, to be able to create street-level resolutions for air quality to over 1 million postcodes worldwide including the 1.5 Lakh postcodes in India. For India, especially, we also factored in the reaction of weather on pollutants for India conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction) along with India specific effect of human activities like garbage burning, stubble burning, population density, construction, traffic, etc., and achieved a near-perfect accurate near-real-time air quality data

What does Ambee API consist of?

  • Hourly readings of air quality for every latitude/longitude for over 90 countries and 1 million postcodes worldwide.
  • We cover pollutants PM2.5, PM1, PM10, CO, NOx, SOx, and O3
  • Basic recommendations and comment about the air quality
  • Heatmap (on demand)
  • Fonts and icons that depict pollutant and air quality
  • US EPA AQI – we did not create one more AQI of our own, it doesn’t make sense. AQI is an indicator, that is good enough. For India, we use India API as an optional ask on need basis
  • Weather API – Windspeed, wind direction, precipitation, visibility, Temperature, Humidity, Rain, UV, etc.,
  • Air Quality Forecast – We forecast for each pollutant, not just the AQI, we forecast 48 hours and for 7 days with great granularity, resolution, and accuracy
  • Weather Forecast – A 200m forecast of weather, hourly forecast for 48 hours and for 7 days with great granularity, resolution and accuracy

Use cases

Air and Weather to for Advertising: Imagine you are the sales manager of an E-commerce company, you can run ads to generate sales. Instead of giving a discount you could say “Dear John, the air quality near Anand Vihar is going to get better. Want to go for a run? Here are some top picks of shoes and running gear for you” and we have seen better conversions Air quality data for engagement.
Air quality data for better Health & Fitness – Alert your users where they can go for a run, or go for a jog, how they can avoid heavily polluted areas or take their child out for a stroll and also prevent many diseases.
You can run personalized, target-based advertising as well as build custom solutions for your users. This will be a huge differentiator between you as a business and deep problem solving for your customer Simply to increase your app’s downloads, get more eyeballs or build solutions for digital therapeutics, increase sales. Or as a developer, if you want to start your journey building apps that help you generate revenue, and provide a lot of value to your users, Ambee APIs should be your first bet. Please do view the API documentation. There are hundreds of use cases to use Ambee APIs, especially in the space of healthcare, research, and building solutions. At Ambee, we are constantly evolving the APIs and we will also release pollen APIs, Fire API, Water, Soil APIs and lots more. We are very committed to solving this problem and open to provide any support, additional filters, parameters or any customizations you’d need for making the APIs add value for you and your users. For any queries, you could always write to us on contact at