Well, I was just flipping through channels when I came across this news. Apparently, air pollution is not just making you sick; it is also decreasing your infant’s age by around 2.5 years. This made me thinking. So pollution can increase the overall infant mortality rate. Also, since we are not talking about a static figure (pollution has been rising steadily over the last several decades), it can increase it even further. Meaning that without intending to, I am harming my own child. This is definitely too much to sink in, and I am still processing the data. According to 2016 WHO report, polluted air was linked with premature deaths of around 1, 10,000 children. The worst part is that more than 1, 00,000 of these were kids under five. Globally more than 6, 00,000 children under five succumb to air pollution every year. Not exactly what we have in mind for our children’s future right? So mothers out there- Take charge while we still have a chance. Keep Ambient Air Pollution at Check: Since this is where your infant is going to be the best part of the day, keeping a check on what your precious one is breathing should be the first thing you do. Know the pollutants you are up against so that you are better equipped to protect your baby against it. Invest in a reliable air quality monitor that could help you track particulate matter and toxic pollutants efficiently.  Keep your House well Ventilated, Vacuumed and Free from Dust and Mold: This is just so basic, right? But this is some of the most common pollutants that pollute your indoor space. Your infant’s lungs are just developing; you should make sure it doesn’t have to take the load of toxic pollutants. Stay away from high-pollution zones right during and after pregnancy: While this is a bit challenging as India has 14 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, you still got to do what you got to do! You have to protect your kid right from the start to ensure a chance at a healthier life. Newer research points out that exposure to high levels of pollution during pregnancy can cause complications in childbirth. We are talking about things like underdeveloped organs, low birth weight, the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage. Even after childbirth, the initial five years of growth are crucial for the development of all the vital organs and exposure to pollution are doing them no good. Use organic and environment-friendly cleaning products:  Often, the everyday household chemicals that we use for cleaning emit toxic pollutants andgases that are not good for those tiny lungs. Invest in organic and mild laundry and cleaning agents that will not have any impact on the air quality and in turn on your little one’s health. Help them boost their immunity by giving them their vitamins regularly: While we do this diligently for the first year after childbirth, we tend to slack after that. Since we can’t do much about outdoor pollution, boosting their immunity is the only way forward. Make sure they get a regular dosage of all the vital vitamins and minerals that would help them fight the pollutants effectively. Your fight against air pollution can’t stop just here. You should make some voluntary contribution to society towards air pollution. Sharing your pollution-related data to concerned research organizations that could reduce pollution in your area would help the government and all the related stakeholders in making a more robust and clear anti-pollution plan. So go ahead, bless your child a happy and healthy life and make sure you have done everything to make it come true. Ayushmaan Bhav Little ones! Check aqi data near you with Global air pollution powered by Ambee’s Air pollution API.