We all have thought of investing in an air purifier some time or the other. At least I have! That is till I researched more on it and found out some interesting facets of this device that definitely made me feel dumb. For starters, buying an air purifier can just not solve your air pollution problem, and even if it does make your indoor space livable to a certain extent, it won’t help you when you go out. It would also bring your overall immunity down and make you more vulnerable to respiratory ailments. But things don’t just end there. Here are the top 3 myths about air purifiers that need to be busted before you make your decision to invest in an air purifier: Myth 1: You don’t need to vacuum if you have an air purifier. Fact: While air purifiers can help control the level of pollutants in the air, it is not a fool-proof solution. They are not designed to eradicate allergens and pollutants completely from the indoor atmosphere. You should still vacuum your carpets, dust your curtains, remove dust and allergens from your furniture and remove mold infestation in your house. Your air purifier can’t do these for you! Myth 2: An Air Purifier can make your room odor-free and fresh Fact: Having an air purifier can definitely not remove the stink of stale food or dirty clothes. What it can do is eliminate unusually high amounts of particulate matter in the air to a certain extent, and if your odor is a result of a carbon-based pollutant, then it may decrease its overall stench. You would still have to clean it in the end. If you are buying an air purifier to remove bad odor, it would be wiser to buy a room freshener. Myth 3: I would live in a virus-free environment by installing an air purifier Fact: We will not completely deny the fact that “SOME” air purifiers do have the capability of killing selective pathogens from an indoor environment. They can deal with these micro-organisms using heating technology. But that doesn’t mean your indoor space is completely virus-free. You need to really do your research and make informed decisions if you are really going to invest in an air purifier. If you really need to buy one, look out for a reliable brand of HEPA filter which can help you eradicate micro-organisms and particulate matter. There are many more fool-proof and effective ways of managing indoor air pollution that is less expensive and more effective. Invest in a good pollution mask, use organic and eco-friendly cleaning products, paint your walls with a non VOC paint and keep your house ventilated and airy. The essential thing is to keep your house clean and vacuumed to avoid unnecessary build-up of pollution. Know the kind of pollutants you are dealing with before you take steps to eradicate them as every pollutant has its own means of eradication. Investing in an accurate and reliable air quality monitor can help you understand the air quality levels in your indoor space and the preventive measures you need to take. Do check out our other blogs to understand more about air pollution . Follow this link to order your Air Quality Monitor now.  Also available on .