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Let’s make the change permanent

The (pollution) capital received spells of heavy rainfall over the weekend. This has brought the temperature down to 29.7 degrees celsius, which is four degrees below average for this time of the year. Our measurements of Pm 2.5 (the precise and globally standardised measurement for air quality) was on sunday 18th of August 19. These levels are relatively healthy to breathe for humans.

Delhi’s average Pm2.5 levels are at 52, which is dangerous to human health. A person’s expected lifetime and quality of life is significantly reduced under these conditions.

The following pictures were taken from the same location in Delhi on two different times. On the left: After the rainfall which cleaned the air. On the right: Dangerous levels of air pollution under “normal” conditions.

Picture by Nishita Dhawan (From Twitter)

Natural forces are acting as a counterweight to our efforts as humans in polluting the air and global warming. Unfortunately only for a limited period, while the heavy rainfall is in effect. The reality is that pollution levels will go back to “normal”. This means that Delhi will reclaim the status as the most polluted city in the world. The current air conditions are an inspiration of how clean and healthy Delhi can be, but far from a permanent solution.

How we can make the air permanently clean in Delhi

The only way of ensuring long term healthy air quality in Delhi, is by reducing human made air pollution and create green solutions. The two main pollutants in Delhi are burning of biomass and vehicle traffic. This is a place to start.

We believe that information is the key to solve these challenges. The more precise and updated the air quality data is, the more specific and effective solutions can be made. At Ambee, we are in the process of expanding our network of real time data with benchmark precision.

Governments, private companies and the public can all contribute. With awareness and willingness to make an effort towards clean air, we can together make a change for new, smart solutions and a clean Delhi.

Halien J.

Air quality intellegence for the world.


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